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Making your Drupal site running real fast

How to speed up a slow Drupal site to become a Fast Drupal site.

Surely running your Drupal web site on premium hardware is important! Application bottleneck could slow down even small Drupal web site running on top performing hardware. On the other side, minimalistic approach in activating Drupal and contributed modules, may speed up even large and high traffic Drupal web site running on high performance hardware.

To make your Drupal site running at maximum possible speed, here is a list of modules you should avoid to run in production:

There is a list of modules you should avoid because of serious performance issues caused when used: 

  • Javascript Aggregator, 
  • Search 404 and Cookie Cache Bypass Advanced,
  • DBlog, 
  • Update, 
  • Localization Update, 
  • Poormanscron, 
  • Devel, 
  • Ultimate Cron, 
  • Background Process, 
  • SuperCron, 
  • Boost crawler. 

Note that you can still enable and use both core DBlog and contrib Devel modules when needed, but make sure those modules are disabled when not required.

Some modules recommended to leverage all built-in performance enhancements: 

  • RobotsTxt
  • Memcache
  • Boost
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