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How to synchronize Softaculous with other Auto Installers

If you've previously installed any of the scripts in Softaculous manually or using another auto installer, you can synchronize them to work with Softaculous.

1) Click this orange icon.

Softaculous auto installer cPanel

This page shows a list of all scripts that can be synchronized.

Softaculous synchronise

2) Check this box to select all scripts.

Softaculous install script

3) Click again to deselect all boxes.

Softaculous sync software Drupal

4) You can also check the boxes next to the scripts you want to sync.

Softaculous sync Drupal Joomla SMF

5) Click Sync/Import.

Softaculous import software Drupal

After a moment, your scripts will be synchronized.

6) Use these links to view each software that was imported.

Softaculous install Drupal

That's it! You now know how to synchronize Softaculous with other auto installers.

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