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Making Drupal 8 fly

Achieved 2.2k visitors per second with our 8GB Cloud VPS!

Drupal 8 RC2 is out and the official release of Drupal 8 is not too far away. As a hosting company that is officially supporting Drupal and offering Drupal optimised hosting, we thought it would be a must to get ready for the Drupal 8 launch in advance. Having enough time to do good fine tuning + independant performance testing of our Drupal 8 VPS offering, along with getting some numbers to estimate the performance and to share it with the world.

Drupal 8

cPanel PHP 7

cPanel PHP 7

PHP 7 has been long-time rumored high performance PHP to come, with updated Zend opcache module. The biggest feature of cPanel PHP 7 is the performance improvements due to major work on its Zend Engine, which will be Zend Engine 3 with PHP 7. Thanks to the competition from Facebook's HHVM, PHP.net has needed to step up their speed game big time, which they're managing to achieve with PHP 7.0.


Content compression, minification & resampling

Makes your website run faster with no effort and in no time

Over the last few weeks we've been busy testing Google's mod_pagespeed technology with our cPanel servers. We now announce that all cPanel servers and websites are using mod_pagespeed.

What is mod_pagespeed?

mod_pagespeed is a module for Apache web server, developed by Google to help reduce page loading times. As you may already know, Google estimates page loading times and adjusts ranking of that page accordingly. What this means is that faster websites will appear higher in the search results and slower websites will sink down.