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Under attack? Secure and protect all websites hosted in your managed cloud by zero day protection, virtual patching Web Application Firewall

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Protect your website today

Our Web Application Firewall provides an immediate solution for the following challenges:

  • Data Theft
  • Site Defacement and comment spam
  • Web Application Vulnerabilities
  • PCI-DSS and other Regulatory Compliance
  • Rootkits and Malware
  • SQL injection and XSS attacks
  • Advanced Persistent Threats

Zero Day Protection

Unlike other security products, our Web Application Firewall does not depend on signatures that require constant updating as they include technology to detect and stop entire classes of attacks such as code injection, protocol violations, SQL injection, cross site scripting and more!

Our Web Application Firewall Protects Against:

  • Protocol Violations
  • Common attacks by detecting protocol manipulation methods used to launch advanced attacks
  • Resource abuse used to launch DOS and DDOS attacks
  • Credential Theft
  • Cookie and other credential theft
  • Spam
  • Code Injection, including PHP, PERL, ASP, Coldfusion and other technologies
  • Prevents RFI attacks, obfuscated and cloaked code uploading methods and still allows known trusted applications to work.  No tuning required!
  • SQL Injection Attacks
  • HTTP Response Splitting
  • Cross Site Scripting, including Universal PDF Cross Site Scripting
  • Malicious Client Detection and Blocking
  • Google Hacks
  • Data Leakage
  • Unauthorised attempts to access protected files, sensitive information, backup files and other data to prevent it from being accessed by malicious parties.
  • Recursion Attacks
  • Abusing file system bugs to access protected files, or areas of the system.
  • Command injection
  • Trojan, Backdoor, Spam Tool, Shell and Rootkit blocking
  • Automatic Malicious Code Removal
  • Malicious iframes, hidden malicious javascript and other malicious code in real time so that your system won't serve up malicious content.
  • E-mail Injection
  • XML Protection
  • Web RPC Protection

Other benefits of our Web Application Firewall

  • Our unique system addresses vulnerabilities in applications that can not be patched by patching it for you!  Our system will plug the holes in your applications so you can take the time needed to test updates, and yet still operate your system in a secure and safe manner.  Updates are applied daily when new vulnerabilities are discovered so you don't have to worry.
  • Our Web Application Firewall is the most complete malicious code detection and prevention tool and specially tuned to prevent false positives will thousands of web applications.
  • We run the most robust content spam protection system available for web sites, forums, blogs, guestbooks and more.  Our Web Application Firewall detects spam, spamming techniques and other methods used by web spammers and prevents them from working.  Allowing you to run your website worry free from spam.
  • Our Web Application Firewall detects thousands of different kinds of trojans to prevent already installed trojans, shells and other malicious applications from even running

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