Managed cPanel (with Containers) Reseller Hosting

Offload server management and security hassle from your development team with our Managed cPanel (with Containers) Reseller Hosting.

The best Managed cPanel (with Containers) Reseller Hosting in Australia is based on RedyHost's fast (benchmarked) cloud. We provide you fully supported and preconfigured environment. We give you the full flexibility and power of cPanel in your hands to manage your customers. Fast technical support and knowledgeable staff will not let you (and your customers) down.

cPanel with Containers to empower your web hosting business

 CloudLinux + CageFS + Containers

CageFS creates container environment that feels like a virtual server than a shared hosting account. An environment, where bad neighbours don't affect your account performance. CloudLinux brings stability and performance that are not available elsewhere.
 ZFS+SSD ultra fast HDD

We deploy the best. Meet the self-healing storage with industry's best data integrity. Built on the solid ground of ZFS, deploying full SSD, the high performance self-recovering filesystem, ZFS achieves storage performance levels that are far ahead of bare SSD storage! ZFS uses server's memory pool to deliver blazing fast read IOPS.
 Nginx and Apache

Cloud platform with fine tuned servers that outperforms the competition. We love websites demanding even higher performance levels. We preconfigure the stack that comes with bundled Nginx + PHP-FPM as a drop-in Apache web server replacement. Nginx performs better, with PHP 5.6 or 7.x (the fastest PHP ever built). cPanel offers PHP Selector with Nginx and Apache.
Live automated & manual snapshots

You configure backups the way you want! Backup your server live, without powering it off or restarting. You automate backups via the Management Console with our automated snapshot policy tools, allowing 2-hour, 4-hour, 8-hour, 12-hour, 24-hour automated snapshots of your entire server taken. Restore any snapshot any time with a single mouse click.
Faster than the competition

Our Cloud Servers benchmarked above and beyond. They reach the levels of performance that are beyond the competition of big public and private clouds. RedyHost delivers proven performance, independently assessed by the Phoronix Test Suite.
Web Application Firewall & Security

Every Reseller Server integrates with the best Web Application Firewall in the industry (from the team of Atomicorp). It includes Secure Kernel with built-in PHP security, Virtual Just In Time Patching, Rootkits and Malware detection and prevention, Host Intrusion Detection System with leveled alerting to provide server security at every level.

Managed cPanel with Containers Reseller Hosting

This Australian Reseller Hosting option is great when you look to manage your own customers via RedyHost's managed Reseller VPS with cPanel/WHM login. It is limited to Australia only.

  • Your own VPS, fully managed and secured by our professionals
  • Real Server Security included
  • Malicious traffic monitoring and alerting
  • Cloud, benchmarked to be ahead of the competition
  • Fully scalable, resize up or down at any time
  • Preconfigured high performance LAMP with Nginx
  • 1x cPanel license included
  • CloudLinux + CageFS to provide containerised environment
  • Free AutoSSL by cPanel to encrypt all your websites
  • Reseller support. You provide support to your customers, we support you
  • Client-site speed optimisation with HTTP/2 and mod_pagespeed
More Benefits
  • Free RapidSSL for the life of your reseller account with us, protects WHM/cPanel/Webmail
  • Access to WHM as root user
  • Manage your own cPanel packages and features
  • Create as many hosting packages as you need
  • Your own cPanel, Webmail and WHM URL
  • Rebrand cPanel templates to match your style
  • Use your website to sell hosting services in Australia
  • Use billing and client management software of your choice
  • Web Application Firewall with Virtual Just In Time Patching
  • Malware detection and reporting, Malware upload scanner

cPanel (with Containers) Reseller Hosting CloudVPS

200GB SSD disk300GB SSD disk400GB SSD disk500GB SSD disk
1 TB Data/mo1 TB Data/mo1.5 TB Data/mo2 TB Data/mo
30 days money back*30 days money back*30 days money back*30 days money back*
Monthly: A$ 249.99**Monthly: A$ 349.99**Monthly: A$ 549.99**Monthly: A$ 799.99**
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1 IP address included1 IP address included1 IP address included1 IP address included
* Excluding monthly license costs for cPanel (A$27.00), CloudLinux (A$25.00), Softaculous (A$5.00) and the cost of RapidSSL Certificate (A50.00). The total license fee are A$107.00/mo. The 30 days money back guarantee provides unconditional refund of your first months subscription fee less the total license fee.
** Includes 10% Australian GST. Customers with overseas billing address receive 10% price reduction during the checkout. Available in other currencies during the checkout.
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