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Set up your caches for (much) faster website loading

These days, when the server performance achieves absolutely incredible levels, the real performance lives where the client-side optimisation and caching is.

NGINX is a commonly used as web content caches, ranging from individual websites to some of the largest content delivery networks (CDNs) in the world, such as MaxCDN and CloudFlare. According to The Benefits of Microcaching with NGINX, a WordPress website could be sped up around 400x times.

Nginx microcaching setup

To set up your caches for (much) faster website loading and get a good SEO ranking, RedyHost offers a number of ways to easy configure efficient website caching. We use Nginx for this. Unlike Varnish cache – Nginx allows caching of your entire website over SSL and HTTP/2. RedyHost also provides 1-click microcaching setup for Nginx.

Microcaching is an effective method for accelerating the delivery of dynamic, non-personalized content by caching it for short periods of time

cPanel and Nginx cache

Even our budget cPanel customers could benefit from a smoking fast website loading, static files caching and microcaching. Nginx even allows configuring client-side page compression via Pagespeed, Brotli compression and HTTP/2.

Nginx with cPanel

The starting point is to configure Nginx in a few easy steps as outlined in our efficient caching configuration article. This does not require any new website plugins installed, the caching is implemented completely at the Nginx level.

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