Brotli compression for faster website loading over SSL

Up to 39% reduction in page size and faster websites with Brotli

Earlier this year RedyHost implemented Nginx web server with Brotli compression. Brotli offers better compression rates over Gzip, of up to 39% on an average.

What this means is that every page of your website served with Brotli compression On, will be up to 39% smaller, loading faster, resulting in a better user experience.
Check the Akamai blog post Understanding Brotli’s Potential, which has full details of Brotli versus Gzip benchmarks.

How to ensure Brotli is enabled for your website

All our hosting plans include Brotli support out of the box. However, Brotli requires HTTPS to work. If you have not switched your website over to HTTPS to benefit from the better compression and faster pages, you can do it now.
To test Brotli support for your website, use this free online Brotli test tool

What if you don’t have an SSL certificate

For quite some time, every domain and subdomain that we host include a free Comodo SSL certificate, signed by cPanel. Check our blog post Free Auto SSL by cPanel and Comodo for everyone for more details.

SSL certificates are created automatically, as you add your domain to our hosting platform. They renew automatically and transparently, no action required from your end. You only need to enable SSL and enable your website potential to be faster by up to 39%.

More benefits when you switch to SSL

It is not all news yet. With Nginx currently running for all hosting customers, every website that runs over SSL (HTTPS-enabled website) will use HTTP/2 protocol.
HTTP/2 allows serving pages with multiple connections much faster. For example, W3 Total Cache plugin for WordPress allows using one of the HTTP/2 features, called HTTP/2 Push. With HTTP/2 Push On, your CSS and JS files could be pushed to the client’s browser earlier, resulting in faster overall page loading.

When you have SSL website enabled, HTTP/2 will be On by default, offering faster page loading for CMS websites.

Having questions about Brotli of how to enable SSL? Ask us online via the RedyHost community forum.

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