Our Cloud VPS delivers benchmarked performance that is up to 3x times more than the competition. Now includes free fully automated live snapshot backups. Deploy CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu or CoreOS and stay in control of your Cloud VPS with full root access.

The strongest Server Protection & Security System by Atomic Secure Linux. It works by combining security at all layers, from the applications all the way down to the kernel. It provides the most complete multi-spectrum protection solution available for cloud hosting industry today

Managed high performance Drupal hosting in a cloud or AWS. Now includes BigPipe. The Managed Secure Hosting and cPanel plans come with performance and security features only found in our platform. With managed security we now offer Drupal 6 LTS.

cPanel with unique combination of near bare metal performance, container tenant isolation, account security and data loss protection. Allowing to optimise and secure your website with no effort. Packaged with CloudLinux & Account Vault for unbreakable security, PHP Selector and Nginx for  unb...

Enjoy hassle free high performance WordPress hosting. Offered by WordPress hosting experts, our Managed Secure Hosting and cPanel plans come with performance and industry best security features that are essential for the modern website protection today

RedyHost provides comprehensive server management and security services. If your server was compromised or just under attack, we have a solution. Offering the best in the industry security and data loss protection system, we immediately address all known and emerging vulnerabilities.

High performance Cloud with SSD Cloud Storage. Our Cloud benchmarked by Phoronix Test Suite to be up to 3x times faster than the competition.

RedyHost Server Security System (SSS) works by combining security at all layers, from the applications all the way down to the...

Our Cloud Infrastructure assures fast and reliable website hosting, through seamless resource management, and...

Under attack? We secure and protect all websites hosted in your Managed Cloud Server or cPanel account by our zero day protection, virtual...

With our free migration service, this process is streamlined by our expert migration administrators!

If for any reason you are unsatisfied with our service within the money back guarantee period, simply notify us and your contract fees will be...

News & Service Updates

Some exciting news to our managed VPS customers: We now support HHVM! 

HHVM is high-performance replacement for PHP, created and open-sourced by Facebook. You can read more about it at http://hhvm.com. Our Drupal 7 site has been moved from...

Drupal 8 RC2 is out and the official release of Drupal 8 is not too far away. As a hosting company that is officially supporting Drupal and offering Drupal optimised hosting, we thought it would be a must to get ready for the Drupal 8 launch in...

The PHP 7 has been updated to RC5 and is available with our cPanel hosting plans today. PHP7 has Opcache package refactored, allowing to significantly increase

In February this year we upgraded our cloud servers to the latest Intel Xeon E5-2687W CPU with DDR4 RAM. Following the upgraded we decided to benchmark the performance of our new Cloud VPS platform and compare it to DigitalOcean and AWS. 

Announcing BigPipe support for Drupal 8 in our high performance cPanel cloud hosting plans. Cloud VPS...

Recently we optimised a Managed Secure hosting customer website tilkah.com.au and reduced page loading times from around 40 seconds per page down to under 4 seconds per page.

RedyHost is not only the best provider regarding performance & accessibility, they also have the best support team. They were always ready to go the extra mile to solve my issue. Their Drupal knowledge & experience is real, they know how to guide me through our setup, give us the best server configuration for our application. The big plus is that if our issue was out of their scopes, they provides us with the most relevant documentation to help us solve it. They never let us down!

Thanks again for all your precious help!

Kind regards,

Morgan Perrot

Web Administrator


Morgan Perrot, d2donline.com.au

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