Having strongest security system in place we are very confident to offer hosting for End Of Life (EOL) and Unsupported Web Applications. Whether you have no time or budget to upgrade your CMS or eCommerce system, we provide bulletproof security that protects it like nothing you ever experienced.


10 years in the market, supporting and protecting end of life web applications

The unique combination of the network and server security, fastest performing hardware and the know-how allows RedyHost customers to never worry about the security of their website. The end of life applications secure hosting service takes care of your website security on the server and network level, keeping exploits and malicious traffic away.

Features of End of life applications hosting

Malware protection

Whether your website runs in a VPS, a Container or even in a shared host (using containers for tenant isolation), we ensure the highest level of malware protection that is available today. Our customised malware detectors scans any file and network traffic, blocking identified malware and viruses. Malware signatures update hourly, offering speedy protection against emerging threats.

Hardened PHP

Hardened PHP secures old and unsupported versions of PHP. In those old versions, including the widely used 5.2, 5.3, 5.4 and (as of June 2016) 5.5, vulnerabilities, even if discovered, are not patched by the PHP.net community. HardenedPHP takes care of all this, by patching old PHP versions.


A security system that is aware of all vulnerabilities in the most popular systems, such as Drupal, WordPress, Joomla, Magento, OSComerce and many others. Malicious traffic is blocked on the server and network levels before it even hits your application. As new vulnerabilities are discovered, hourly updates bring those in to keep your website protected.

Multiple PHP versions

We ensure application and server security by patching all PHP versions, including the end of life ones. About 85% of all PHP sites use highly popular PHP versions 5.2, 5.3, 5.4, and 5.5. Yet, all four of these versions are unsupported by the PHP.net community. With our simple PHP selector you can choose which PHP version to use, making it easy to switch to the latest PHP when ready.

Cloud that is up to 3x times faster

Don't take it for granted. RedyHost's own and benchmarked Cloud platform provides the levels of performance beyond the competition of big public clouds. Host your website in the cloud platform with proven highest performance, measured by the Phoronix Test Suite. Read more...

High Performance

Fast cPanel hosting plans come with preconfigured Nginx templates to run Drupal, WordPress or Magento, offering the levels of performance not found anywhere else. Nginx templates were stress-tested to confirm the performance level and exceed the ability to serve over 300 clients per second for basic websites. Read more...

The security system monitors all traffic to and from your website, blocking attempts to exploit its vulnerabilities or any other types of attacks.

Intelligent Account Shield features

  • DoS Mitigation
  • Web Application Firewall
  • Intelligent attack blocking and unblocking
  • SQL Injection Protection
  • XSS Attack Protection
  • Daily malware/virus scans
  • Daily vulnerability scans

Security system dashboard

  • Uploads scanner
  • Rootkits Protection
  • Dictionary Attack Protection
  • Brute force protection
  • Spam form submission prevention
  • Redundant Firewall protection

Events of the security system

Pricing for End of life website hosting

EOL Security
Web site demanding high performance
billed monthly

1x Baseline Performance

Single website

Bulletproof security

One Website + Dev & UAT

Free SSL Certificate

20GB SSD Storage

20GB data transfers/mo

SLA 99.9%

EOL Performance
Fastest page loading & extra CPU power
billed monthly

16x Performance

All options of the UNLIMITED plan, with:

Free SSL Certificate

Even more Websites

Even more Add-on Domains

Intelligent Security included

Memcached dedicated instance

1 Dedicated IP address

All prices include 10% Australian GST. Overseas customers receive 10% price reduction during checkout.

All plans include

  • Australian data centre
  • 24/7 system monitoring
  • Unlimited Add-On domains
  • Unlimited Parked domains
  • Unlimited Sub-domains
  • Softaculous integration (single click install 300+ scripts)
  • Free domain when signing up for 2 years*
  • Instant activation
  • Free SSL by cPanel and Comodo
  • Configure PHP modules in cPanel
  • NodeJS via Nginx
  • Containerised tenant isolation
  • Reseller & affiliate ready
  • CloudLinux for smooth service delivery
  • Access to Memcached
  • Email support
  • 99.9% Uptime Guarantee
  • Enterprise Spam Filtering
  • Enterprise Virus Protection
  • 30 days money back guarantee
  • Configure PHP settings in cPanel

Our Cloud Systems are proven FAST

An incredible performance of our Linux servers vastly improves high transactional applications and databases. Unless you are loading hundreds of unnecessary or wrong WordPress modules, your website will run so fast you would not even believe it. Our fast full-SSD SAN storage connected via the 10GB network, combined with proven performance tools (such as APC, Memcached, Varnish and Nginx) will ensure your WordPress website is running at incredible speed!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I SSH into my account?

Yes, we support passwordless (SSH keys) login via SSH.

What does CPU allocation mean?

Each cPanel account runs in a container with server hardware resource allocation. We limit the CPU time, RAM, IOPS, files limit. The CPU time 100% represents full access to 1 CPU, 200% is 2 CPUs and so on. 50% CPU time means your account shares the same CPU with another account. Read more about CloudLinux hardware resources cap. LVE and CageFS

What is the SLA for cPanel hosting?

All plans are covered by 99.9% SLA per month. SLA covers hardware and network uptime, the cPanel servers run inside a Highly Available cluster, with Cloud Storage. A separate backup server is used to store all accounts.

Do you provide a free domain name for my website?

Any cPanel account with 24 months subscriptions receives a complimentary domain name. As long as your account is hosted with us, we will cover any number of domain name renewals. 

What CPU and RAM limit applies to?

The CPU and RAM limit applies to PHP, MySQL and Apache.

Customer feedback

Just wanted to say thank you for excellent service lately. No problems at all. The forum I have is working nicely.
No errors or going slow, just working great.
Keep up the good work on your end and again thanks.

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Darren Mihel

Founder aurfscan.com.au

Just want to say that ticketing system looks PERFECT!!!!!
It is clear and very user-friendly.

Keep up the good work!


CEO at Integrated Experts

Redyhost & particularly Ivan have always been amazing over the last 10 plus years we have worked together. Always attentive, consultative & helpful & we have never ever been let down by poor service, response times or technology. We at tilkah are happy to recommend Redyhost to anyone.

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Scott Sheezel

CEO at Tilkah Accessories

I find that the support offered by RedyHost is the most useful ever. I always get immediate help. In the web hosting business, time is of the essence. Thanks to RedyHost using great support, I never waited to get help. Fantastic!

James Oshana

Founder, Quantum Biotek

RedyHost is not only the best provider regarding performance & accessibility, they also have the best support team. They were always ready to go the extra mile to solve my issue. Their Drupal knowledge & experience is real, they know how to guide me through our setup, give us the best server configuration for our application. The big plus is that if our issue was out of their scopes, they provides us with the most relevant documentation to help us solve it. They never let us down!

Morgan Perrot

Web Administrator, d2donline.com.au

The easiest transfer imaginable. All the options to customise a Drupal CMS were there (including GIT and Drush) and RedyHost really couldn't have been more helpful or prompt in their service - their technical proficiency was excellent. Importantly, there haven't been any issues at all in the several weeks since the transfer so it's been well-tested. Five stars.

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Manager, Great Australian Story

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