High Performance Cloud VPS benchmarks by Phoronix Test Suite

Host in the Cloud that outperforms the competition

In February this year we upgraded our cloud servers to the latest Intel Xeon E5-2687W CPU with DDR4 RAM. Following the upgraded we decided to benchmark the performance of our new Cloud VPS platform and compare it to DigitalOcean and AWS. 

The server type/size used:

  • RedyHost: Cloud 2 VPS, featuring 2CPUs and 2GB RAM, cost: A$26/mo US$19.68
  • DigitalOcean: droplet featuring 2CPUs and 2GB RAM, cost: US$20/mo
  • AWS: m3.large instance, featuring 2CPUs and 7.5GB of RAM, cost: US$135/mo

In all 3 clouds all 3 servers run default Ubuntu 14.04 x64 bit template. All 3 servers used apt-get to install the Phoronix test suite.

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Hardware Specifications

This is the hardware specification identified by the Phoronix software for the VPS/Droplet running in our tests:

RedyHost Cloud VPS hardware

cloud vps specifications: redyhost cloud vps ubuntu 14.04

DigitalOcean droplet hardware

digital ocean specifications: digital ocean droplet ubuntu 14.04

AWS Instance Hardware

aws instance specifications


Test Results

As the numbers outline, RedyHost Cloud outperforms both AWS and DigitalOcean in majority of tests, we leave the final analysis to our readers.

smallpt, Apache tests by phoronix test suite

OpenSSL and PHPBench test results by phoronix test suite

Gcrypt library, Fsmark (sync on and off) test results of RedyHost cloud VPS by Phoronix test suite



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