Brotli compression for faster website loading over SSL

Up to 39% reduction in page size and faster websites with Brotli

Earlier this year RedyHost implemented Nginx web server with Brotli compression. Brotli offers better compression rates over Gzip, of up to 39% on an average. What this means is that every page of your website served with Brotli compression On, will be up to 39% smaller, loading faster, resulting in a better user experience. Check the Akamai blog post Understanding Brotli’s Potential, which has full details of Brotli versus Gzip benchmarks. How to ensure Brotli is enabled for your website All our hosting plans include Brotli support out of the box. However, Brotli requires HTTPS to work. If you have […]

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Benchmarking results Wordpress Drupal

Managed WordPress as a Service benchmarking results

Following our recent announcement of the WordPress as a Service offering, we benchmarked the Free WordPress as a Service plan and now publish the results. WordPress as a Service – Introduction WordPress as a Service plans offer the variety of server resource allocation, such as CPU, RAM, cloud web space. The introduced four plans are: Free WordPress Silver WordPress Gold WordPress Platinum WordPress Every account runs a single WordPress website in a container isolated environment, which implies the server resource cap. For example, the Free WordPress comes with 1ECU and 512MB or RAM. The top-range Platinum WordPress comes with 20ECU […]

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