Server View - RedyHost Cloud VPS Management Console

Announcing CloudVPS Management Console 1.6 release

Today we released the next update to our CloudVPS Management Console, this update features: Refactoring of XenApi to facilitate the upcoming release of Drupal 8 module. Bootstrap template implementation. Major update to the user interface, to make it easier to manage and backup/restore CloudVPS. Bug fixes and performance improvements. Get RedyHost™ CloudVPS today for your next mission critical project. Get your blazing fast Cloud VPS NOW! Check out the updated screenshots of the management console 1 2

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How to add custom network route in Citrix XenServer 6.1+

To add a custom route in Citrix XenServer 6.1 or higher, execute the following commands: network interface must exist prior running these commands. Refer to XenServer configuration guide to create and configure network interface(s). find network UUID: xe network-list xe network-param-set uuid= other-config:static-routes=   (in our case we have our XenServer with xenbr1 interface configured with IP and we need it to access network via custom route run “route -n” to confirm our custom route is in the list reboot XenServer to confirm the static route is persistent after reboot (run “route -n” again and confirm the […]

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Drush 8 in cPanel

Announcing support for Drush 8 in all cPanel plans

Great news to our Drupal 8 customers. Drush 8 support has arrived in our cPanel plans. Drush 8 for cPanel. Just SSH into your cPanel account and execute drush status Enjoy Drush 8 for cPanel Over many years RedyHost team was providing support to Drupal customers. We started with Drupal 5, now Drupal 8 is out and we provide unbeatable Drupal 8 support. Many of our customers were asking for drush version required for Drupal 8. We now made drush 8 available for our cPanel customers. Drush 8 for cPanel could be accessed via SSH, along with Drupal Console (just run `drupal` command). To […]

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cPanel with PHP 7

Announcing cPanel PHP 7 support

PHP 7 has been long-time rumoured high-performance PHP to come, with updated Zend opcache module. The biggest feature of cPanel PHP 7 is the performance improvements due to major work on its Zend Engine, which will be Zend Engine 3 with PHP 7. Thanks to the competition from Facebook’s HHVM, has needed to step up their speed game big time, which they’re managing to achieve with PHP 7.0. As of today, RedyHost announces support of cPanel PHP 7 with our Secure cPanel hosting plans. cPanel with PHP 7 available New customers – just get your high performance cPanel hosting account with […]

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