Drush 8 in cPanel

Announcing support for Drush 8 in all cPanel plans

Great news to our Drupal 8 customers. Drush 8 support has arrived in our cPanel plans. Drush 8 for cPanel.

Just SSH into your cPanel account and execute

drush status

Drush 8 init in cPanel

Enjoy Drush 8 for cPanel

Over many years RedyHost team was providing support to Drupal customers. We started with Drupal 5, now Drupal 8 is out and we provide unbeatable Drupal 8 support.

Many of our customers were asking for drush version required for Drupal 8. We now made drush 8 available for our cPanel customers. Drush 8 for cPanel could be accessed via SSH, along with Drupal Console (just run `drupal` command).

To enjoy drush 8 for your next Drupal 8 project, along with the best Drupal support available just sign up for one of our fast cPanel hosting plans.

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