Brotli compression for faster website loading over SSL

Up to 39% reduction in page size and faster websites with Brotli

Earlier this year RedyHost implemented Nginx web server with Brotli compression. Brotli offers better compression rates over Gzip, of up to 39% on an average. What this means is that every page of your website served with Brotli compression On, will be up to 39% smaller, loading faster, resulting in a better user experience. Check the Akamai blog post Understanding Brotli’s Potential, which has full details of Brotli versus Gzip benchmarks. How to ensure Brotli is enabled for your website All our hosting plans include Brotli support out of the box. However, Brotli requires HTTPS to work. If you have […]

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Benchmarking results Wordpress Drupal

Managed WordPress as a Service benchmarking results

Following our recent announcement of the WordPress as a Service offering, we benchmarked the Free WordPress as a Service plan and now publish the results. WordPress as a Service – Introduction WordPress as a Service plans offer the variety of server resource allocation, such as CPU, RAM, cloud web space. The introduced four plans are: Free WordPress Silver WordPress Gold WordPress Platinum WordPress Every account runs a single WordPress website in a container isolated environment, which implies the server resource cap. For example, the Free WordPress comes with 1ECU and 512MB or RAM. The top-range Platinum WordPress comes with 20ECU […]

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Drupal 8 stress test using HHVM and PHP 7

Drupal 8 Stress Test. Round 3

Drupal 8 release is coming this week, bringing some exciting times to our #Drupal8 optimised hosting in Australia! Earlier this month, we did production stress test of Drupal 8 RC2 to estimate if our High-Performance VPS hosting platform is ready for Drupal 8. As the result of previous benchmarks, we applied additional fine tuning to boost Drupal 8 front-end performance and these 2 benchmarks could be reviewed as Making Drupal 8 Fly and Drupal 7.41 vs Drupal 8 RC2 Benchmarking Analysis. PHP7 was able to outperform HHVM by serving 32.7% more responses in 33.3% less average response time. The outcome of our past benchmarks was that […]

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Smallpt and Apache tests from Phoronix Test Suite

High Performance Cloud VPS benchmarks by Phoronix Test Suite

In February this year, we upgraded our cloud servers to the latest Intel Xeon E5-2687W CPU with DDR4 RAM. Following the upgrade, we decided to benchmark the performance of our new Cloud VPS platform and compare it to DigitalOcean and AWS. The server type/size used: RedyHost: Cloud 2 VPS, featuring 2CPUs and 2GB RAM, cost: A$26/mo US$19.68 DigitalOcean: droplet featuring 2CPUs and 2GB RAM, cost: US$20/mo AWS: m3.large instance, featuring 2CPUs and 7.5GB of RAM, cost: US$135/mo In all 3 clouds, all 3 servers run default Ubuntu 14.04 x64 bit template. All 3 servers used apt-get to install the Phoronix test suite. Need a Cloud […]

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Benchmarking Drupal 8

Making Drupal 8 fly

– We posted a more recent blog article with more benchmarking and results analysis DRUPAL 7.41 VS DRUPAL 8. RC2 BENCHMARKING ANALYSIS – More Drupal 8 Stress Test benchmarks available. Drupal 8 RC2 is out and the official release of Drupal 8 is not too far away. As a hosting company that is officially supporting Drupal and offering Drupal optimised hosting, we thought it would be a must to get ready for the Drupal 8 launch in advance. Having enough time to do good fine tuning + independent performance testing of our Drupal 8 VPS offering, along with getting some numbers to estimate the performance and to […]

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10GB Network increased data bandwidth and IOPS

Up to 120k IOPS with our upgraded 10GB storage network

We began 2015 by upgrading our Cloud network. All our storage network, cards and servers were upgraded to utilise 10GB Fiber Optics connectivity. This upgrade improved storage backend performance tremendously, allowing RedyHost Cloud to eliminate bottlenecks and run more sophisticated and more frequent backups for our customer data. The 10GB network cards we use, provide traffic hardware offloading and optimisation, which results in faster transfers and better storage IOPS, that goes beyond simple bandwidth increase. In images above we include the result of our benchmarking test of the NAS environment, attached via the new 10GB link, comparing it to 1GB link […]

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Drupal 8 benchmarking results

Drupal 7.41 vs Drupal 8. RC2 benchmarking analysis

In our previous blog post Making Drupal 8 Fly we benchmarked Drupal 7 and Drupal 8 with our preferred benchmarking tool The point was to increase the number of visitors per second during the 1-minute test and to reach the point at which our VPS is unable to send successful responses without timeouts. Refer to the article to read more about our setup and our approach. More Drupal 8 Stress Test benchmarks available. During that test, we found such break point for Drupal 8 RC2 as 1.2K clients per second and provided benchmark results for Drupal 7 with the same 1.2K clients […]

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Benchmarking website for heavy traffic

How to benchmark your website for heavy traffic

Having your website ready to stand for heavy traffic spike could be very important, especially if your business is running promotional campaigns or sends many promotional emails. But how could you ensure your website could stand this spike? Fortunately, there are free tools available that help you to stress your website and estimate how many visitors it can handle. During our daily managed hosting duties, we especially like the tool The has free account option and allows to test one website. When we benchmark client’s server before releasing it to the customer, we ensure it can handle at […]

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