Fast cPanel hosting with Intelligent Security that provides fully automated upgrades/security patching for Drupal, WordPress, Magento, Joomla, ZenCart, OpenCart and many other web applications. Whether you just want to keep your application safe or do it yourself patching, our secure platform provides an easy to setup solution covering application upgrades and patching.

Every account runs inside a container, providing server resource allocation, tenant isolation and virtual filesystem for the outstanding security of your entire account.

Meet the High Performance Cloud Servers

Whatever your server needs, from low cost, high performance VPS to mission critical deployments in a secure Cloud, we have a solution.

Cloud platform that is built for speed

With the latest Intel Xeon E5 v3 CPUs, our Cloud VPS platform is built to sky rocket even slow applications. We provide an easy to use Management Console with detailed performance stats.

10GB Network

We ensure that your high IOPS requirements are met for every Cloud Server. Our benchmarks show up to 120K sequential writes (4k blocks), measured against real production storage backed. No need to pay for IOPS.

SSD+ Cloud Storage

Expect the best. Meet the all SSD self-healing storage with industry best data integrity. Built on the solid ground of ZFS, the high performance self-recovering filesystem. Call it SSD+ thanks to ZFS unprecedented performance and data integrity features.

Live automated & manual snapshots

You configure backups the way you want! Backup your server live, without powering it off and automate backups via the Management Console with our automated snapshot policy tools. Restore any time with a single mouse click.

Faster than the competition

Our Cloud benchmarked above and beyond. It achieved the levels of performance that are beyond the competition of big public clouds. RedyHost delivers proven performance, independently assessed by the Phoronix Test Suite.

High Performance Drupal and WordPress templates

We have preconfigured Ansible playbooks to run Drupal and WordPress on our high performance LEMP stack. BigPipe support (D8) added!The templates were stress-tested to confirm the performance level and exceed the ability to serve over 1200 clients per second for basic websites.

Cloud VPS Pricing - entry level

Cloud 2
High performance website
per month



100GB SSD disk

3000 GB Data/mo

30 days money back guarantee

SLA 99.9%

Cloud 8
This VPS was featured in Drupal 8 Stress test
per month



100GB SSD disk

7000 GB Data/mo

30 days money back

SLA 99.9%

Cloud VPS Pricing - High Performance

Cloud 12
6 CPU / 12GB RAM
per month



200GB SSD disk

8000 GB Data/mo

30 days money back guarantee

SLA 99.9%

Cloud 24
12 CPU / 24GB RAM
per month

12 CPU


200GB SSD disk

10000 GB Data/mo

30 days money back

SLA 99.9%

Cloud VPS Pricing - High CPU

Cloud 12C
12 CPU / 12GB RAM
per month

12 CPU


200GB SSD disk

8000 GB Data/mo

30 days money back guarantee

SLA 99.9%

Cloud 32C
32 CPU / 32GB RAM
per month

32 CPU


200GB SSD disk

10000 GB Data/mo

30 days money back

SLA 99.9%

All prices include 10% Australian GST. Overseas customers receive 10% price reduction during checkout.

All plans include

  • 99.9% Uptime Guarantee
  • 24 hours activation
  • 30 days money back guarantee
  • High Availability. Fully redundant architecture allows us to immediately recover your service from the rare event of a hardware failure
  • Fully Elastic. Scale UP/DOWN
  • 100% Australian infrastructure to minimise latency and response times in Australia
  • Free snapshot management tool
  • Direct Access via SSH. Full root access to manage your server the way you need
  • ZFS: all-SSD + large ECC memory cache = ultrafast storage backend, we call it SSD+
  • Unmetered 1Gbit/s Private Network between VPS' available (upon request)
  • 1 Dedicated IP address
  • Optional Multiple Dedicated IPs
  • 24x7 Email Support

Selection of Linux OS

  • CentOS 7  (1GB+ RAM required) or CentOS 6
  • Debian 8 or Debian 7
  • Ubuntu 16.04
  • CoreOS

Optional Extras

Complete Management

  • Full LAMP management**
  • OS patches and modifications**
  • Guaranteed 99.9% uptime

Monitored Security

  • Atomicorp ASL security included**
  • Web Application Firewall included**
  • Host Intrusion Detection System**

High-Performance LAMP

  • Tuned Apache or Nginx***
  • Free SSL
  • Memcached included
* Every Managed VPS plan includes a free RapidSSL certificate. The certificate remains a property of RedyHost and is leased to the customer monthly. Cancelling of the Managed VPS service also stops RapidSSL certificate subscription and client's rights to use this RapidSSL elsewhere.
** Available only for customers ordered optional VPS management.
*** Option to select preconfigured LAMP stack is available and must be selected during the checkout process.
† Memcached is installed inside the VPS itself and is using VPS resources to operate.
†† Snapshot management tool is currently in beta. Read this blog post for more information about it's capabilities

††† Limited time offer, available for new customers only. Offer expiration date may change without notice. Not available in conjunction with any other offer or promotion.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you provide VPS configuration services?

Yes, during the checkout you can order Ubuntu or CentOS Linux with LAMP, LEMP or LAMP (with Nginx caching proxy). We then use a Vanilla OS and Ansible playbooks to configure the server just for your requirements.

Can I upgrade my VPS, if so - how?

Each Cloud VPS could be scaled up or down at any time. Cloud VPS could be upgraded via the client area, it takes only a minute to resize your VPS.

Is Cloud VPS highly available? What happens when a physical server goes down?

All Cloud VPS are hosted in a cluster with high availability. In a rare case of a hardware failure, each Cloud VPS will restart on a healthy node. All disks of Cloud VPS attached to a shared storage, they are not bound to a physical server.

Are there any backup options included with every Cloud VPS?

Every Cloud VPS comes with free unlimited storage for server snapshots. The snapshots could be manual (created by you when you need them), or automated - created by a backup policy.

To manage snapshots, login to the Management Console at From the Management Console, you could create or edit a Snapshot Policy. The Snapshot Policy manages automated backup creation and retention.

Each Cloud VPS could have only one Snapshot Policy.

Each Snapshot Policy could have snapshots created and rotated with following time intervals:

  • 4 hours
  • 8 hours
  • 12 hours
  • 1 day
  • 7 days

Every Cloud VPS has snapshots limit, typically 10 snapshots. In rare cases, this number could be increased upon request.

Every snapshot is stored in the same storage repository, as Cloud VPS hard drive.

Do you provide redundant form of server backup?

Every cloud VPS comes with a bonus backup option. Fortnightly, every Cloud VPS is backed up to an external backup system.

How much backup restoration costs?

In a case where you need to restore your Cloud VPS from an existing snapshot, you could restore your server to the previous state yourself, free of charge.

In the case where a restoration requested from a fortnightly backup, RedyHost will charge your the full monthly cost of your VPS service.

Customer feedback

Just wanted to say thank you for excellent service lately. No problems at all. The forum I have is working nicely.
No errors or going slow, just working great.
Keep up the good work on your end and again thanks.

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Darren Mihel


Just want to say that ticketing system looks PERFECT!!!!!
It is clear and very user-friendly.

Keep up the good work!


CEO at Integrated Experts

Redyhost & particularly Ivan have always been amazing over the last 10 plus years we have worked together. Always attentive, consultative & helpful & we have never ever been let down by poor service, response times or technology. We at tilkah are happy to recommend Redyhost to anyone.

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Scott Sheezel

CEO at Tilkah Accessories

I find that the support offered by RedyHost is the most useful ever. I always get immediate help. In the web hosting business, time is of the essence. Thanks to RedyHost using great support, I never waited to get help. Fantastic!

James Oshana

Founder, Quantum Biotek

RedyHost is not only the best provider regarding performance & accessibility, they also have the best support team. They were always ready to go the extra mile to solve my issue. Their Drupal knowledge & experience is real, they know how to guide me through our setup, give us the best server configuration for our application. The big plus is that if our issue was out of their scopes, they provides us with the most relevant documentation to help us solve it. They never let us down!

Morgan Perrot

Web Administrator,

The easiest transfer imaginable. All the options to customise a Drupal CMS were there (including GIT and Drush) and RedyHost really couldn't have been more helpful or prompt in their service - their technical proficiency was excellent. Importantly, there haven't been any issues at all in the several weeks since the transfer so it's been well-tested. Five stars.

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Claire Balsarini

Manager, Great Australian Story

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