Fastest hosting with the benchmarked results

Cloud Platform that is up to 3x times faster than the competition

Cloud platform that is up to 3x times faster

Every shared or managed service comes with RedyHost Content Accelerator service, to optimise and speed up your website content with zero effort.

Built for ultimate speeds, every cloud VPS Server comes with unparalleled performance in Storage, CPU and RAM.

Included Bonus: RedyHost Web Accelerator service

RedyHost Web Accelerator, the automated content optimisation service works to minimise the number of network connections and the size of every page and ensure even faster website loading. It combines multiple CSS and JavaScript files and minifies them, it also resamples images to optimise their size and deliver the best content depending on client's browser or mobile device. Allows to switch On and Off easily. Content Accelerator & Optimiser targets desktop and mobile devices in a way, that optimises website pages depending on size screen and browser.

Fast SSD Cloud STORAGE Backend

For our Cloud VPS storage solution, we’ve prioritised reliability, speed & fast restore. Our enterprise grade storage utilises ZFS, the most advanced filesystem. Our Cloud Storage uses 10GB fibre optics connectivity. We use redundant disks, power supplies, large in-memory + SSD drives to deliver read and write speeds that no SSD storage arrays alone can come close by these days!

No Overcommitted Servers

We understand your requirements in hosting performance and commit to it as much as we can. Our Cloud VPS come with no overcommitting in CPU or RAM allocations. Your speed demanding Cloud VPS will always get CPU, Memory and Storage resources they need. When we detect a bottleneck in any of these, we always extend our cloud with more physical servers to feed your greed.