CloudVPS Automated Snapshots management console allows to schedule automated backups of your entire server

Announcing automated snapshot backup policies

Automate your server snapshot backups like never before. With the recently released feature Automated Snapshot Policies, it takes only few mouse clicks to automate your server backup, set and forget it. From that point on, our system will look after your server backups. So, when an unexpected happens, we’ve got it covered, it takes seconds to restore your entire server from a snapshot. Over the last weeks, we’ve been busy extending our VPS Management Console, that would allow you to easily automate your cloud server backup. We call it Automated Snapshot Policy, it allows to easily set your server backup frequency and […]

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How to Protect your Server Against the Shellshock Bash Vulnerability

On September 24, 2014, a GNU Bash vulnerability, referred to as Shellshock or the “Bash Bug”, was disclosed. In short, the vulnerability allows remote attackers to execute arbitrary code given certain conditions, by passing strings of code following environment variable assignments. Because of Bash’s ubiquitous status amongst Linux, BSD, and Mac OS X distributions, many computers are vulnerable to Shellshock; all unpatched Bash versions between 1.14 through 4.3 (i.e. all releases until now) are at risk. The Shellshock vulnerability can be exploited on systems that are running Services or applications that allow unauthorised remote users to assign Bash environment variables. […]

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Vagrant provision production servers

Use Vagrant to provision production stack in any Cloud VPS

Vagrant has been widely adopted by many and has the variety of usages to streamline development and production server environments. In this article, we show how to use Vagrant to provision production or development environment to our SSD Cloud VPS. Before you begin, make sure you have the latest version of Vagrant installed running SSD Cloud VPS server working SSH access (username and password or SSH key available). 1. Setting up your local environment Installing managed servers plugin for vagrant from In the terminal, execute: vagrant plugin install vagrant-managed-servers 2. Configure your preferred environment in puphpet Make note of your operating system […]

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How we speed up customer website

How we speed up customer website 10x times without changing it

Recently we optimised a Managed Secure hosting customer website and reduced page loading times from over 40 seconds per page down to under 4 seconds per page. It is important to note that the whole optimisation work was on the web server end, without changing the application itself. Tilkah is an Australia wide retailer for high quality luxe leather and jewellery pieces. The online store is built in WordPress and has several hundreds of products sold online. The challenge we faced was to deal with the lack of content optimisation on the front-end. The website was lacking CSS/JS files optimisation and compression, […]

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Free automated SEO tools from Attracta available in cPanel

RedyHost now includes Attracta SEO tools free for our cPanel customers. Attracta SEO tools integrate into cPanel and allow single click XML sitemap creation and submission to leading search engines. When accessing the SEO tools in cPanel, the user’s registration and configuration is automated, which automatically adds the sitemap directive to the robots.txt file, factors in redirected domains, and allows customers to add additional free and paid services without having to manually modify their site. Attracta automates the updating of site components like robots.txt file by integrating with the user’s cPanel account and Apache to provide seamless site improvements without […]

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10GB Network increased data bandwidth and IOPS

Up to 120k IOPS with our upgraded 10GB storage network

We began 2015 by upgrading our Cloud network. All our storage network, cards and servers were upgraded to utilise 10GB Fiber Optics connectivity. This upgrade improved storage backend performance tremendously, allowing RedyHost Cloud to eliminate bottlenecks and run more sophisticated and more frequent backups for our customer data. The 10GB network cards we use, provide traffic hardware offloading and optimisation, which results in faster transfers and better storage IOPS, that goes beyond simple bandwidth increase. In images above we include the result of our benchmarking test of the NAS environment, attached via the new 10GB link, comparing it to 1GB link […]

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Drupal 8 benchmarking results

Drupal 7.41 vs Drupal 8. RC2 benchmarking analysis

In our previous blog post Making Drupal 8 Fly we benchmarked Drupal 7 and Drupal 8 with our preferred benchmarking tool The point was to increase the number of visitors per second during the 1-minute test and to reach the point at which our VPS is unable to send successful responses without timeouts. Refer to the article to read more about our setup and our approach. More Drupal 8 Stress Test benchmarks available. During that test, we found such break point for Drupal 8 RC2 as 1.2K clients per second and provided benchmark results for Drupal 7 with the same 1.2K clients […]

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