cPanel with PHP 7

Announcing cPanel PHP 7 support

PHP 7 has been long-time rumoured high-performance PHP to come, with updated Zend opcache module. The biggest feature of cPanel PHP 7 is the performance improvements due to major work on its Zend Engine, which will be Zend Engine 3 with PHP 7. Thanks to the competition from Facebook’s HHVM, has needed to step up their speed game big time, which they’re managing to achieve with PHP 7.0. As of today, RedyHost announces support of cPanel PHP 7 with our Secure cPanel hosting plans. cPanel with PHP 7 available New customers – just get your high performance cPanel hosting account with […]

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3 steps to activate cPanel login notifications

If you never wondered about who is logging in into your cPanel account, then you probably should be. cPanel account is the underlying hosting management for your website, FTP and email accounts and it is as secure as your cPanel password is. Consider receiving cPanel login notifications as the top priority if your business or brand relies on your website a bit. After all, you do not access cPanel too often (hopefully), so that these notifications will not be annoying you too much. cPanel team has FINALLY added support for login notifications and all our cPanel server now support it. […]

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